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"The fabric of existence weaves itself whole. You cannot set art off in the corner and hope for it to have vitality, reality, and substance."
--Charles Ives

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imaginarycircus said: I'm glad there are a few of us LBD refugees huddling in Jane Eyre now. (OK, that sounds wrong. I mean were not IN her. We're in the teeny little fandom.)

I know! It’s kind of bizarre being in such an itty-bitty little fandom! Kinda like being in a secret club or something. ;)


  1. belovedcreation said: It’s strange after LBD. When she posted about getting the job the other day, I liked the post right away, but it was weird when it took forever for other people to notice and respond to her.
  2. clavisa said: Totally agree, except I’m also thinking that AoJE is small enough and tech-savvy enough that I wonder if the AoJE creators are reading everything we post. Which would prolly be awesome?
  3. acelemaire said: My dash is filled Jane Eyre-related posts. This is a sign that (a) I need to watch this vlog and (b) I’m following some awesome people. Jane Eyre is my absolute favourite.
  4. leslielikesthings said: I definitely want the fandom to grow and all, but I do like the intimacy of it right now, especially with it being mostly people who I already interact with and like a lot!
  5. anonsally said: I imagine it will grow, this fandom, and we’ll be able to say we were there at the beginning! I mean, not like that really matters, but I’m glad I’m not coming into this one 3 months late like I did with Lizzie.
  6. thegreatsporkwielder said: ME! ME! LET ME JOIN!
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